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Shugz (Christopher Kirkpatrick) is a name that has appeared to come out of nowhere on the Trance scene. Combining youth, energy, electrifyingly impressive deck skills and a notable production ability, it doesn’t take long to realise why there is such a fuss around this exceptional talent.

Picked up by Irish Trance star Bryan Kearney and later hosting the “KEARNAGE” podcast, it was then that Shugz got his opportunity to truly shine. Unleashing a blistering remix of Kearney’s 2010 Tech-Trance anthem “Mexican Rave” exclusively for Bryan’s set at FSOE 400 Mexico, achieving the number 1 spot and sat atop of Beatport’s Trance top 100 chart for ten consecutive days. Towards the end of 2016 Shugz finally made his Subculture label debut in the form of his remix of label boss John O’Callaghan’s, Joint Operations Centre track: Goodnight Irene. Originally released on Kearnage; O’Callaghan & Kearney agreed to give Shugz the Subculture slot delivering a modern tech mix for the new era.

‘Shugz’ DJ skills are arguably where his real talent lies. From a very young age he became obsessed about learning the technological side of DJing. Relentless practice for years has lead to an astounding array of deck wizardry, comparable to a very rare few in the scene. Often seen in sets using a 3rd deck, scratching, cutting & using layered effects, combining fast mixing and unexpected tune drops – Shugz is fast becoming a fan favourite. Having achieved local hero status in N. Ireland, Shugz recently debuted at the famous Luminosity Beach Festival and was highly acclaimed as having the ‘set of the night’. With regular support from trance giants like Paul van Dyk, John O’Callaghan, Aly & Fila, Bryan Kearney & John Askew, there is a feeling amongst many that Shugz is a Trance star waiting to happen.

2017 has seen this exceptional talent make his debut in Australia, Indonesia, United States & Argentina plus regular appearances with some of the UK & Irelands biggest clubbing brands, Subculture, Rong Manchester, Colours Glasgow, The Gallery, Ministry Of Sound & Dreamstate London.

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